The Dj, Producer, Remixer and Tv Host Luis Montes de Oca, better known as LBM or Montes de Oca, started his career in 1984 as the dj of his own sound system when he was only 12 years old. Years later he was hired by the entertainment company Televisa (number one tv network in latinamerica) to be the star Dj at the Musica Futura show (1985), he kept on working there as long as the program was on the air being the very first dj to appear in this TV enterprise. Thanks to this short but nourishing experience he was hired by the in those times number one bar in México City Histeria (1987) where he performed and started to create his own style, this took him to be hired again by the best place for alternative and electronic music place in México City, the Danzoo (1988-1989); in there he was heard by the owner of the Christine clubs and Krystal hotels, who recognized his style and musical taste and hired him for the Christine Ixtapa, in there he worked as audio and lightening manager, being the youngest one to occupy this important place in the company. At the end of his contract with the Christine clubs thanks to his great performance on the turntables he was recruited as the dj of the first Hispanic Latin-American rap group: CALÓ (1991- 1995), he performed as part of the group for 5 years in a non-stop tour all over México, United States and Latin America. During this period of time he was also hired again by Televisa to participate as one of the hosts of the musical show El Sabor de la Noche (1993-1994) along with Claudio Yarto, this experience took him since the end of the contract as the dj of a group and a tour dj to perform as a solo at the best clubs in México, Latin America and the United States (1996-2003). In this period of time and thanks to his fame as a dj he was called again by Televisa to perform as Dj, Host and Musical Director and councilor of one of the most ambitious projects of the company in those times: Xe Tu Remix (1996), in there he shared the host role with Gloria Trevi. At the end of the Show he evolved as a full time producer (activity in which he was involved since the beginning of his career) achieving to create more than 12 themes for different TV shows at Tv Azteca (the second tv network in mexico 1997-2000) as well as a few others for Televisa (1996-2003),Talking about music production he is considered as one of the pioneers of the electronic music in México and is the only Mexican producer with the rights to work with the original records of artists such as the mexican icon Pedro Infante (Amorcito corazón), José José (Gavilán o paloma), Puff Daddy (I’ll be missing you), Marylin Manson (dope show, I don’t like the drugs), Aleks Syntek (Sexo, pudor y lagimas). He has also been recognized for his work on Hispanic Hip hop having between his tracks the number one hit “No me confundas” which he produced for the group VLP and “La Batidora” which he produced for the solo Mc Ji, this song it’s consider the first pre reggaeton movement hit and it’s used by the program Big Brother in Mexico as a theme. During the years 2001 and 2002 he was the creator and general director of the very first nightclub industry conference in México called EXPO DJ ACA which took place at the Acapulco City in Guerrero, and was supported by the Guerrero’s government and tourism department. This took him to be an opinion leader and to be a panelist in the most important music conference of it’s type, the Winter Music Conference (2001-2002) celebrated every year at the Miami City with more than 5,000 delegates from all over the world, being the second Mexican ever invited to participate in such an important conference. Thanks to his versatility and experience he was hired by Televisa as the Official Dj of all of its music events such as the Acapulco Fest, Nuestra Belleza, Teletón, Premios Lunas at the Auditorio Nacional, Premios Oye and some of the private parties of the network. His style and great musical quality have turned him into one of the very few national dj's hired by other TV enterprises such as CANAL 22; he performed for this channel's 10th anniversary sharing stage with groups as important as La Sonora Santanera (Montes de Oca recently produced the latest version 2021 of the classic song of this group El Ladrón) and the Pérez Prado orchestra. In 2004 he received the award of best beach club dj given by Dj’s world, which is the most important dj’s and nightclub industry conference in México.

Montes de Oca it’s the only one Dj that plays like a resident at the opening of The City Cancun the largest nightclub in Latin America with capacity for 5,000 people on January 31 2004,this night he play for more than 17 000 people that come for this opening party all the night,he wanna be the first resident dj of this place and with the support of him the club booked more of the 40 worldwide big names djs, electronic and hip hop acts. After Cancun he resides in Monterrey for 7 years and working as a music programmer for the best electronic radio station of this city at this moment beat 901 fm and play for all this years in the most exclusive clubs of this city.

Actually Montes de Oca resides in México City and go on tour with the CLUBHOUSE concept that have a lot of success around Mexico created by him and his best friend Claudio Yarto (The fisrt Dj & Rapper that sold millions of copies of his music in Latinamerica), all with original and unreleased music created specially for CLUBHOUSE beside the promo of his latest New Tracks, work full time in the Studio of Prototipo Records his own record label and he has sponsorships of Audio Technica which is official ambassador in Latin America, Funktion One and A&A Speakers who is number one Speakers Brand in México.


Montes de Oca has shared stage with the following artists: David Morales, Deep Dish, David Alvarado, Luke Fair, Sasha, Mijangos, Darren Emerson,Paul Jackson, Martin Parra, George Acosta, Ani Phearce, Max Graham, Yousef, Anthony Pappa, Pako & Frederik, Johan Gielen,Terry francis, D:fuse, Dave Seaman, Judge Jules, Satoshi Tommie , Dj Rags, Bostich from Nortec Collective, Sussie 4, Nick Warren, Dj Kramer, Felix Da House Cat.


And he has performed at the After Parties of the following Dj’s just to name a few: Peter Luts, Oscar G, Saeed Younan, Ashley Casselle, Jay Prassat, Joshua Ryan, Chris Fortier, BT, Mauro Picotto, Danny Tenaglia, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Little Louie Vega, Tall Paul, Christopher Lawrence.


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